Mulching, Sod Installations, and So Much More Across Mount Vernon, Skagit County, and Snohomish County

As one of the leading landscape service providers in Mount Vernon as well as the rest of Skagit and Snohomish counties, Salazar’s All Season Landscaping also specializes in a wide variety of other services such as mulching, retaining walls, sod and patio installations. We have been serving residential and commercial properties across the area for years. And we have managed to build our reputation through the quality of our works.

Whether you are in need of mulching or sod installation, we have a team of professionals who can help you prepare your lawn to have the perfect landscape. And to complete the set up, we also provide retaining walls and patio installation to make your landscape standout even more. Years of experience in the industry made us one of the most reliable companies when it comes to full-service landscaping services. Check out what we have to offer:

well-maintained lawn

Mulching & Sod

Salazar’s All Season Landscaping specializes in mulching and sod installation for landscaping projects in Mount Vernon, as well as other areas across Skagit and Snohomish counties. We ensure to choose the correct type of mulch with the right amount to prevent excessive moisture on the soil. And as much as possible, we use organic mulch so as not to damage the lawn. To maximize the beauty of your lawn, we also provide sod installation services. 

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great addition especially if you want to add a divider to your property. This can also add on the overall appearance of your home while complimenting the looks of your landscape. Our team of professionals provide comprehensive services and results that’s built to last for a long period of time.


Our experts at Salazar’s All Season Landscaping provide patio installation across Mount Vernon, Skagit, and Snohomish counties. Whether you want to add a feature on your landscape or you want to enhance your driveway, we are the team to partner with.

Being a full-service landscaping company allowed us to fully understand how crucial it is to have and maintain a green lawn since it helps in giving a positive mood. In addition, it also makes your surrounding fresher because of the vibrant color on your lawn. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a lawn that’s meant to relieve your stress whenever you take a look at it. Through our mulching and sod installation, partnered with retaining walls and patio, you will surely achieve the lawn and landscape of your dreams.

Should you have any projects in mind, feel free to give us a call for faster transactions, or you can also send us an email through our Contact page. Alternatively, you can check out the other landscaping services that we provide aside from mulching, retaining walls, patio, and sod installation for residential and commercial properties in Mount Vernon, as well as in other areas such as Skagit and Snohomish counties.

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