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Enhancing your landscape does not only revolve around planting different plants or adding a fresh patch of bermuda grass. In fact, going for the traditional route can be quite rhetorical and quite honestly, bland. Especially since landscaping has come a long way from the traditional flora and fauna arrangements of old. These days, installations of water features such as garden fountains and artificial ponds are now becoming a growing trend, regardless of the size of the yard. And it’s’ not only because of that added appeal that more and more people are opting to have water features incorporated into their landscapes. In fact, there’s another reason that you can definitely benefit from such additions.

Water Features: More than just Appeal

Water features, as stated before, are a growing trend among landscapers. This is due to the fact that they add a touch of elegance and sophistication which elevates their property. But water features not only serve to add aesthetic appeal but also for functionality. In a nutshell, water features can add:


Enhanced Tranquility

Property Value

It’s no secret that water is the quintessential medium of life. Research has proven that the presence of bodies of water in one’s property invites and encourages local wildlife growth and diversity. You’re no longer creating a personalized home you could call your own, but you’re also helping the environment in the process. Water features also add a sense of tranquility within your property. It’s a well-known fact that water can soothe and calm the mind, something we definitely need in such troubling times. In a sense, adding water features can help lower your stress levels. 

water coming out of garden fountain

Birds, frogs, and insects are encouraged to thrive. It’s a straightforward yet highly beneficial feature that can be added in one’s home to promote. While one can opt for a landscaping design indeed, it can pretty much transform the landscape, giving it a livelier look with added depth of sensation. Not only that, but adding water features such as a garden fountain is an ideal addition for any landscaping projects since it complements the overall appearance of your landscape and it gives a soothing effect as a result of the running water.

With Salazar’s All Season Landscaping, we can help you transform your landscape through the addition of water features such as garden fountains and pond installation. With decades of experience, we have provided solutions for residential and commercial landscapes across Mount Vernon, as well as in other areas such as Skagit and Snohomish counties. We have a team of experts who can install water features that will surely blend with the design of your lawn and landscape.

As a full-service lawn and landscaping company serving across Snohomish & Skagit counties, including Mount Vernon and its nearby areas, you are guaranteed to have a landscape that will definitely make your home stand out. Whether you want a garden fountain addition, ponds installation, and other water features, Salazar’s All Season Landscaping is your trusted company. 

Should you want to discuss a project, feel free to call us. You can also browse through our site and take a look at the other services aside from the water feature installation that we provide across Mount Vernon, Skagit County, and Snohomish County.

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